P611 Portable pH Meter

Item No.: P611
Measuring Range: pH: (-2.00~19.99)pH, mV: -1999mV ~ 0 ~ 1999mV
Resolution: pH: 0.1/0.01 pH, mV: 1mV
Accuracy: pH:Meter:±0.01pH, Overall: ±0.02pH, mV: ±0.1% FS
Dimension: 165*90*32mm
Net Weight: 0.31kg
IP grade: IP57
P611 Portable pH Meter
1. Large LCD screen with controllable white backlight.
2. Built-in microprocessor chip has Intelligent functions such as auto calibration, ATC, data storage, function settings, auto diagnosis, auto power off, and undervoltage prompt, etc.
3. Auto recognition of 13 buffers with three kinds of options: Europe & USA, NIST and China.
4. Can set up pH measurement modes of high purity water and ammonia added pure water.
5. Grade IP57 and equipped with suitcase for outdoor purpose.
Measuring range (-2.00~19.99)pH, -1999mV ~ 0 ~ 1999mV
Resolution 0.1/0.01 pH, 1mV
Accuracy Meter:±0.01pH, Overall: ±0.02pH, ±0.1% FS
Input impendance ≥1×1012 Ω
Stability ±0.01 pH/3h
Temp. compensation range (0~100) (Auto/manual)
Data storage 200 sets
Power Two AA batteries (1.5V x2)
Shipping size/G.W. (340×270×50)mm/1Kg
Ambient temperature 5~35 (0.01grade)
Ambient humidity ≤85%
IP grade IP57 Dustproof and waterproof
Meter Kits 1) pH meter
  2) pH composite electrode
  3) Temperature electrode
  4) pH buffer solution
  5) Suitcase